Easy To Use Visual Interface

A visual interface so easy to use your computer literacy will be questioned by others!

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Economic Yet Very Powerful

A solution that is very economic considering the amount of equipment it will replace.

Save Money

Reporting And Data Logging

Have ultimate knowledge of what happened when in your brewing process.

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Allgrain Brewing at a new level

Take your brewery to the next level by having precise control, logging, and remote updates.

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What is the Brewmaster Control System?

The Brewmaster system is an easy to implement brewing process control system including both hardware and software for homebrewers, nonobrewers, and microbreweries.  The system is an easy to learn, a joy use, easy to implement, affordable control system for breweries of any scale that is delivered plug and play.

Simply unpack, plugin, and brew! 

The system was designed such that a person with minimal electrical knowledge or computer skill can implement a HERMS or RIMS control system with safety and ease.  

What makes Brewmaster Controls Solution Unique?

The Brewmaster Controls solution is an end to end hardware and software control suite for all aspects of brewing.

The system adds intelligence and control to each part of the brewing process starting with heating strike water to temperature all the way to serving temperature control.

The hardware system is released in four versions to accommodate different sized breweries, each uses the same core software:

  • Brewmaster pICO – up to 1bbl
  • Brewmaster Nano – up to 3bbls
  • Brewmaster Micro – custom development
  • Brewmaster Kal Converter – Coming Soon!!

In addition to the core system upgrade modules are offered to add additional functionality that some brewers may not desire.

  • Ferm Man – adds hardware for fermentation cooling and heating control
  • Level Man -  adds hardware for HLT and boiling kettle volume sensing enabling display in GUI
  • Flow Man – adds hardware for ball valve control to automate tank levels control, sparge, and transfers
With the systems integrated PID mash and HLT temperature control coupled to the systems fermentation temperature control the brewery will have complete control over their brewing processes and the ability to repeat recipes with great precision producing great beer over and over again.

Isn't that what craft brewing is all about?